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  • Vienna, Austria
  • Hi! I run this Git server. they/them, he/him. (more info on my main homepage,

  • Joined on Sep 30, 2019

A glitchy but lovable microblogging server - all code changes done for |

Updated 5 hours ago

Magisk module for Mulch as Android System WebView. (arm64 only)

Updated 2 weeks ago

A viewer for Utah Dog Park webcams.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Put near-realtime picture of Earth into a directory

Updated 1 month ago

Mastodon Federation Helper for secure fetch-enabled instances, on a user level. |

Updated 2 months ago

Rust 0 0

Download Spotify tracks to Ogg Vorbis (with a premium account) Fork of

Updated 2 months ago

A covenant for Fediverse administrators to keep Fediverse networks, technically and socially, as intact as possible |

Updated 2 months ago

Android network audio player (fork)

Updated 7 months ago

A collection of programs used for a presentation about some drawing-related algorithms.

Updated 11 months ago

A custom pacman repo for Pine64-Arch.

Updated 1 year ago

Common dotfiles across machines

Updated 1 year ago

A simple dead man's switch, set off using periodic script executions (using cron or systemd timers).

Updated 1 year ago

Check whether your archiving tool recognizes the remote default branch.

Updated 1 year ago

PKGBUILDs of mine.

Updated 1 year ago

Python script to automatically join Microsoft Teams meetings.

Updated 1 year ago