[OBSOLETE] A fixed linux57 PKGBUILD, for use until Manjaro pushes out a version where the bug https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=207383 (AMDGPU freeze with multiple monitors) is fixed. Based on https://gitlab.manjaro.org/packages/core/linux57
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Jeremy Kescher 3a6050e347 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 1 year ago
.gitignore rc2 1 year ago
0001-ZEN-Add-sysctl-and-CONFIG-to-disallow-unprivileged-CLONE_NEWUSER.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0001-apparmor-patch-to-provide-compatibility-with-v2-net-rules.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0001-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0001-fix-iwlwifi.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0001-futex.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.9-1 1 year ago
0001-i2c-nuvoton-nc677x-hwmon-driver.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.1-3 1 year ago
0001-iomap-iomap_bmap-should-accept-unwritten-maps.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.0-3 1 year ago
0001-lenovo-wmi1.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.8-7 1 year ago
0001-lenovo-wmi2.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.8-7 1 year ago
0001-nonupstream-navi10-vfio-reset.patch [patch] adjust patch for navi10 1 year ago
0001-pci-edr-log-only-ACPI_NOTIFY_DISCONNECT_RECOVER-events.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.9-2 1 year ago
0002-apparmor-af_unix-mediation.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0002-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0002-pinctrl-amd.patch readd pinctrl-amd 1 year ago
0003-apparmor-fix-use-after-free-in-sk_peer_label.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0003-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0004-apparmor-fix-apparmor-mediating-locking-non-fs-unix-sockets.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0004-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0005-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0006-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0007-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0008-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0009-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0010-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0011-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0012-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
0013-bootsplash.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
PKGBUILD [pkg-upd] 5.7.14-1 1 year ago
aufs5-base.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.8-1 1 year ago
aufs5-kbuild.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.8-1 1 year ago
aufs5-loopback.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.8-1 1 year ago
aufs5-mmap.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.8-1 1 year ago
aufs5-standalone.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.8-1 1 year ago
aufs5.x-rcN-20200622.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7.13-1 1 year ago
config [pkg-upd] 5.7.9-1 1 year ago
config.aufs [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
create-aufs.sh [pkg-upd] 5.7rc0-1 1 year ago
tmpfs-idr.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc7-1 1 year ago
vfs-ino.patch [pkg-upd] 5.7rc2-1 1 year ago