43 Commits (master)

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  Valentin Vidic 7fabe7f975 Handle invalid boundary header from D-Link cameras (Fixes #12) 1 month ago
  Valentin Vidic 9ca901a7a5 Return error when stream source fails (Fixes #11) 1 month ago
  Valentin Vidić d21f632319
Merge pull request #10 from kescherCode/kescher/restrict-http-methods 1 month ago
  Jeremy Kescher b3cd0ed96e
Only allow GET and HEAD to use mjpeg proxy endpoints 1 month ago
  Valentin Vidic facab201d5 Stop the HTTP handler on client close (Fixes #8) 1 month ago
  Valentin Vidic 99e4412937 Add option for limiting output frame rate 3 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 080a9912dc Split chunker and pubsub into separate files 3 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 528af7e31b Add option for reading client address from header 3 months ago
  Valentin Vidic db7fa45834 Try to limit TCP send buffer size (Fixes #4) 3 months ago
  Valentin Vidic ea35a10517 Cleanup Unix socket handling 3 months ago
  Valentin Vidić 74a72998dc
Merge pull request #7 from kescherCode/kescher/serve-from-unix-socket 3 months ago
  Jeremy Kescher b7f4579b4f
Serve from socket instead of Internet Protocol (useful if behind frontend proxy) 3 months ago
  Valentin Vidic c1f341f795 Cleanup leftover append call (Fixes #5) 3 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 6920c7b6ad Add flag for delaying the stop of chunker 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 3a039eef83 Use struct{} for unused map values 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 2ec752c4a7 Cleanup flag descriptions 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 0d09cd40ca Add flag for limiting CPU usage 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic f23d9eceb5 Cleanup response handling 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 0f00b2f05c Cleanup logging 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidić 45283919d6
Merge pull request #3 from kescherCode/master 7 months ago
  Jeremy Kescher 6b8732245c url -> path 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 273465c4f3 Rename config file for sources 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic fb82bb45b2 Keep logging lowercase 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidić 724796238e
Merge pull request #2 from kescherCode/master 7 months ago
  Jeremy Kescher 0aaf39fb76 Merge branch 'master' into master 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic c2c9f6cd0e Use mime/multipart to write responses 7 months ago
  Jeremy Kescher a06e03d83f pubsub -> pubSub, Close() error handling, copyright header update 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 366abebf45 Use mime/multipart to read jpeg data 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 9ba617214e Use mime package to find boundary string 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 19abc246eb Fix error output 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 7010c1bd9c Add configuration file for sources 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 22cd9415ea Try to check if source url is valid 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 206e7ee0e4 Make chunker a separate object 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 75d2ec7796 Make PubSub object implement http.Handler 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic ef4254a75c Cleanup pubsub logging 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 867ae396ab Cleanup main function 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 9829403d30 Cleanup chunker function 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic ee0104ada9 Cleanup readChunkData function 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidić ed601a78f7
Merge pull request #1 from kescherCode/master 7 months ago
  Jeremy Kescher 158fa255d9 permissive Content-Type checking, remove boundary checks, gofmt 7 months ago
  Valentin Vidic 2246c6589b Better handling of errors on source stream 4 years ago
  Valentin Vidic c6b1d23d8e Initial version. 5 years ago
  Valentin Vidić 81388ea01a Initial commit 5 years ago