here you can find all my dotfiles (and maybe suggest some stuff to add that might actually be useful)
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luna vivian's dotfiles.

here you'll find all the "important" dotfiles and configuration files I'm using with all my machines running Arch Linux (which is three at the moment - Xeon (my desktop), OverThinkPad (my x230) and OverCorePad (my x201 with Coreboot).)

I'll probably add a "setup script" sooner or later to this repository, which should make setting up my computers at least a tiny bit faster.

Required packages for all the stuff in .zshrc (not everything is listed!)

  • zsh (since I'm using that shell)
  • exa (since I replaced ls with exa, including the addition of using aliases to get rid of ls)
  • neofetch (you know why)
  • fortune-mod (currently commented out - if you want to use it, just uncomment that line (.zshrc:133) :3)
  • lolcat (for the visual effects on startup)
  • oh-my-zsh
  • bc (canary check)