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A Flutter application demonstrating theme switching.

Updated 5 months ago

Bootsplash theme for linux kernels patched with bootsplash support and bootsplash-systemd.

Updated 7 months ago

Updated 4 months ago

linux57 Archived
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[OBSOLETE] A fixed linux57 PKGBUILD, for use until Manjaro pushes out a version where the bug (AMDGPU freeze with multiple monitors) is fixed. Based on

Updated 6 months ago

My conky config for Manjaro and other Arch-based systems. Also available at

Updated 6 months ago

Updated Arch PKGBUILD for opendoas (with the current version as the package version, in order to automatically switch to the repo version once it gets updated)

Updated 1 month ago

nginx log stats parser specifically for a post-mortem analysis of a DDoS attack

Updated 1 month ago

Python script to automatically join Microsoft Teams meetings.

Updated 21 hours ago

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Download Spotify tracks to Ogg Vorbis (with a premium account) Fork of

Updated 2 months ago

Merge two magnetico databases - Forked from

Updated 2 months ago

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