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# frozen_string_literal: true
require 'rails_helper'
describe 'about/show.html.haml', without_verify_partial_doubles: true do
before do
allow(view).to receive(:site_hostname).and_return('')
allow(view).to receive(:site_title).and_return('example site')
allow(view).to receive(:new_user).and_return(
allow(view).to receive(:use_seamless_external_login?).and_return(false)
it 'has valid open graph tags' do
instance_presenter = double(
site_title: 'something',
site_short_description: 'something',
site_description: 'something',
version_number: '1.0',
source_url: '',
open_registrations: false,
thumbnail: nil,
hero: nil,
mascot: nil,
user_count: 420,
status_count: 69,
active_user_count: 420,
contact_account: nil,
sample_accounts: []
assign(:instance_presenter, instance_presenter)
header_tags = view.content_for(:header_tags)
expect(header_tags).to match(%r{<meta content=".+" property="og:title" />})
expect(header_tags).to match(%r{<meta content="website" property="og:type" />})
expect(header_tags).to match(%r{<meta content=".+" property="og:image" />})
expect(header_tags).to match(%r{<meta content="http://.+" property="og:url" />})