Jesus is not king, and Trump did not win the election. | Old leaked git history merged with "official" release history
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Mentally Ill Tranny Demon Hacker 47f9965a95 March 2021 2 months ago
assets/config Progress on deck, dms 4 months ago
chewy Gab Social. All are welcome. 2 years ago
controllers Partial revert 3f90b0be 2 months ago
helpers Updated reports page to be more mobile friendly 2 months ago
javascript March 2021 2 months ago
lib Remove 40KB of allocations (4,100 objects) from home feed 2 months ago
mailers Added checks in emails regarding GabPRO if email is confirmed and allows GabPRO emails 2 months ago
models Merge branch 'improve_home_feed_query' into 'develop' 2 months ago
policies Added checks to suspension to for pro, verified, donor, investor accounts 3 months ago
presenters Partial revert a703b5cb7 3 months ago
serializers March 2021 2 months ago
services Updated SuspendAccountService to resolve outstanding reports on suspend 2 months ago
validators Added new spam_flag to Accounts, replacing is_flagged_as_spam 2 months ago
views Updated reports page to be more mobile friendly 2 months ago
workers Use a writing role for some sidekiq worker reads 2 months ago