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Gab Social by is available on our self-hosted GitLab.

General Statements

The Gab Social fork is not endorsed by the Mastodon team. Gab is not receiving support from the Mastodon team and has not requested it. There has been no communication between the Mastodon and Gab teams regarding the Gab Social fork.

Acknowledgement of accomplishments

Gab is grateful for the work performed by the Mastadon team. Their accomplishments have inspired Gab to completely open the platform, federate the social network, and take other steps forward in terms of user privacy, user data control, user freedom, and trust.

Our hope is that some day circumstances will allow a comprehensive list of contributors to be displayed for this project from both the Gab and Mastodon communities, because a lot of work has gone into, and will continue to go into, this system, which we believe will change the world, and for which the authors of contributions to this codebase deserve due credit.