2166 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mentally Ill Tranny Demon Hacker 47f9965a95 March 2021 2 months ago
  admin 74b3700f58 Merge branch 'improve_home_feed_query' into 'develop' 2 months ago
  rubic0n 3b704cec7d Use a constant 2 months ago
  rubic0n 6e42e3b1ec Improve home feed query 2 months ago
  Developer fa8b6a3377 Removed account search_for in Account.rb model 2 months ago
  Developer 35276edde1 Merge branch 'fix_preview_card_search' into 'develop' 2 months ago
  Developer ea3e126579 Fixed issue with Notification status url 'to' value 2 months ago
  Fosco Marotto 0839160efd Address issue with notifications page. 2 months ago
  Developer 444f9a156b Partial revert 3f90b0be 2 months ago
  rubic0n 8a329b67a5 Fix preview card search 2 months ago
  Developer 10ec03f28b Removed GroupsController search by tag, category 2 months ago
  Developer f1cc618fdd Updated reports page to be more mobile friendly 2 months ago
  Developer 3f90b0be69 Updated all instances of request.remote_ip to use new ip headers 2 months ago
  Developer 4d43158fe2 Updated NotificationsPage to reset to 'all' every time page loads 2 months ago
  Developer 573fdbc981 Fixed issue with MediaModal causing page to scroll to top on open 2 months ago
  Developer 444263a8b2 Updated Notification timestamp to link to status/mention/comment 2 months ago
  Developer 0c1d84262f Add missing uri attribute in StatusSerializer 2 months ago
  Fosco Marotto c7b17c5bde Add missing icons 2 months ago
  Fosco Marotto a72be3b45b Add missing apple icons 2 months ago
  Developer 71b428e348 Added checks in emails regarding GabPRO if email is confirmed and allows GabPRO emails 2 months ago
  Developer 4b8df32371 Added opt-out/unsubscribe links at bottom of all emails 2 months ago
  Developer 8deb255593 Added new email opt out for GabPRO reminders/introducing 2 months ago
  admin 16b053b72d Update list_controller.rb 2 months ago
  Fosco Marotto a2793f04d6 Revert "Updated BaseController to return false if doorkeeper_token nil for superapp" 2 months ago
  Free Speech Forever fde3821450 Merge branch 'feature/Username_Search_Case' into 'develop' 2 months ago
  azuregc7 4fcae80457 Feature/username search case 2 months ago
  Fosco Marotto 1a7c34724e Merge branch 'fix/confirmations' of https://code.gab.com/gab/social/gab-social into develop 2 months ago
  Developer 285cccdb83 Removed unused AppsController, apps routes 2 months ago
  Developer e5ea8fb487 Updated BaseController to return false if doorkeeper_token nil for superapp 2 months ago
  Developer 58a8a17bfe Updated ConfirmationsController to set new email after confirmation to unconfirmed email only 2 months ago
  Fosco Marotto c01328c8a0 Add require_unconfirmed to the confirmations controller 2 months ago
  Developer f1a857a7b4 Added created date to reports page for each report 2 months ago
  Developer 32ac987ef0 Updated SuspendAccountService to resolve outstanding reports on suspend 2 months ago
  Developer b7d6d5f18c Removed validation on spam_field for int in Account model 2 months ago
  Developer 187eb5ae78 Updated elapsed registration_form_time to 5 seconds 2 months ago
  Developer d7271b899f Fixed issue with account.rb for spam_flag to include nil by default 2 months ago
  Fosco Marotto 4acf7f0bce Limit the user and session tracking concerns to the home timeline 2 months ago
  Developer da522f8841 Added check in PostStatusService for limited posting functionality to users with unconfirmed emails 2 months ago
  Developer 2a8ca2cd56 Added new spam_flag to Accounts, replacing is_flagged_as_spam 2 months ago
  Developer bf1d00b5f8 Added new follow limit for unconfirmed accounts to 10 2 months ago
  Developer c18bcf2b21 Added check to RegistrationsController for checking if form was submitted too quickly 2 months ago
  Developer 5149c613f2 Added StatusSimilarityService to check against spamming same statuses over and over 2 months ago
  Developer a955c51eb6 Added similar_text gem 2 months ago
  Developer 00e6d799e8 Fixed AddIsFlaggedAsSpamToAccounts migration down removal value 2 months ago
  Developer bec3360b66 Added checks in ModalBase, PopoverBase if page goes back/forward to dismiss 2 months ago
  Developer 7000902ecb Added check for if node exists before handleKeyDown on PopoverBase 2 months ago
  Developer c85ad3e92a Updated account_flags_block to only be visible for staff 2 months ago
  Fosco Marotto fea1b9389b Add a writing role to the shortcuts controller 2 months ago
  Developer be5fc25544 Added missing account flags in admin group moderator list 2 months ago
  Developer fa74c34095 Added account_flags_block partial to admin pages 2 months ago