A repository displaying all DMCA takedown notices (and similar). https://git.kescher.at
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# dmca
A repository displaying all DMCA takedown notices (and similar) for kescher.at services.
#### What is this?
Inspired by [Lumen](https://lumendatabase.org/topics/1) (*formerly Chilling Effects*), [Google](https://cloud.google.com/storage/docs/dmca) and [GitHub](https://github.com/github/dmca), this repo contains the text of DMCA takedown notices and counter-notices we've received here at kescher.at. We publish them as they are received, with only personally identifiable information redacted.
#### Why is this?
This question is a simple one to answer: If the takedown process is intransparent, this opens it up to abuse. This is something we'd like to avoid.
#### What does it mean if there's a notice posted here?
It only means that we received the notice on the indicated date. It does ***not*** mean that the content was unlawful or wrong. It does ***not*** mean that the user identified in the notice has done anything wrong. We don't make or imply any judgment about the merit of the claims they make. We post these notices and requests only for informational purposes.
#### Contributing
If you are looking to file or dispute a takedown notice by posting to this repository, please **STOP :stop_sign:** because we do not accept Pull Requests or other contributions to this repository.
Read on to learn about the available paths forward.
If you would just like to open an issue discuss a notice or commit, that's fine, but again please note that we do not actively monitor comments or other contributions to this repository. So if you want send a comment *to us* for any reason about this repository, please [contact us directly via any of the contact methods on this page](https://www.kescher.at/#contact).
Please note that re-posting the exact same content that was the subject of a takedown notice without making a counter-claim AND receiving a notification about it being ok by us, the service host, will lead to deactivation of your account to protect ourselves.